Vitamin C Solutions Dehydroascorbic Acid (DHAA) Serum

DHAA Is A Vital Natural Form Of Vitamin C And Better Than Ascorbic Acid In Many Metabolic Processes

Vitamin C DHAA Serum Case Studies, Science and Instructions

Here at Vitamin Solutions we manufacture a powerful small molecule topical form of Vitamin C that has been scientifically shown to have the ability to penetrate through skin 12 times more effectively than pure ascorbic acid, (pure vitamin C).

We have case studies with photos, videos and customer reports showing that when applied externally to a variety ailments on the skin the results from the application of this small molecule vitamin C - Dehydroascorbic Acid (DHAA) serum have ranged from between "making noticable difference" and "spectacular". Full instructions are included on the buy now page.

The Science

Dehydroascorbic Acid is absorbed 12 times more easily through skin, once through the skin the DHAA is converted back into high levels of vitamin C.

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Natural Skin Rejuvenation - Scar Reduction - Case Study

When using DHAA Vitamin C serum as a topical natural cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatment, or for scar reduction remember that very little is required, five drops of the serum applied topically daily is all you need for coverage of the complete face and décolletage area. Either dab on and spread with wetted finger or mix with a little water first, then spread on treated area. Leave for 30 minutes before applying other cosmetics. Natural Skin Rejuvenation - Scar Reduction Case Study  

Natural Keratosis Treatment - Case Study

If using DHAA Vitamin C serum as a natural treatment for solar keratosis, actinic keratosis or seborrheic keratosis, (also known as seborrheic verruca, basal cell papilloma, or a senile wart) please read the following case study. Keratosis Vitamin C DHAA Serum Case Study. This case study shows in detail what to expect at different topical dosages of Vitamin C DHAA serum when applied to a variety of keratosis types and subtypes with intermittent basal cell carcinoma lesions, all of which had proved resistant to conventional medication, surgery and black salve treatments.

Natural Basal Cell Carcinoma Treatment  - Case Study

Biopsy confirmed basal cell skin cancer resolved in 10 weeks. The DHAA Vitamin C Serum was applied straight to the open basal cell carcinoma ulcer which healed over in two weeks, the basal cell lesion then healed in from the edges until no sign was left after 10 weeks. Treatment continued for a further two weeks until declared resolved by skin specialist. No sign of recurrence after 10 months. Basal Cell Carcinoma DHAA Vitamin C Serum Case Study. 

Natural Treatment for Thin, Easily Bruised, Easily Torn Skin - Case Study

The serum has also shown to be very effective in replenishing thin easily bruised and torn skin in the elderly, or when weakened capilliaries and slow resolving bruising is evident. The extensive case study at the following link tracks progress in a serious non healing contusion, two skin tears and general poor skin condition on a 90 year old female. Case Study DHAA Vitamin C Serum on Thin Easily Bruised and Easily Torn Skin

Natural Treatment For Infections

We have two case studies covering 4 cases where remarkable results have been achieved within hours of applying DHAA vitamin C serum. Two of the case studies are infected toes (one confirmed cellulitus one antibiotic resistant) Cellulitis DHAA Vitamin C Serum Case Study. The other case study shows rapid resolution of two badly infected insect bites. Infected Insect Bites DHAA vitamin C Serum    

Help The Cause

Share This Site We strongly believe the work we are doing by publicising case studies demonstrating the efficiency of Vitamin C DHAA serum represents a valuable contribution towards the future treatment of antibiotic resistant and other bacterial and fungal infections and some skin cancers. We believe we are the only people in the world investigating the role of this natural and common molecule in infections and skin cancers.

As proper scientific medical research tends to focus only on the creation of patentable and expensive drugs, research on the compounds we are testing will not occur unless there is widespread demand for it. If you want to help raise awareness, or know someone who has any of the conditions we are testing the serum on, please share this website with your social network or with them directly.