DHAA Vitamin C Serum

The DHAA serum created by Vitamin Solutions is absolutely fantastic. I have used it on my face to clear up solar keratosis and was really amazed how it also tightened up the skin around eyes and also eliminated a certain amount of wrinkles.I have also used it for tinea (ringworm fungal infection) and does a better job that other natural remedies such as tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide or iodine. I also have used it for suspicious basil cell carcinomas and have seen them shrink and dry out. I cannot recommend this product highly enough, it would be my number one topical treatment I will not be without.

• David Lyons - Positive Filtration - Queensland, Australia

'I have had many superficial Basal Cell Carcinomas removed from my face over the years (caught in the very early stages). Since discovering this serum a few months ago when I was desperate to find something to reverse the damage, and I have been using it to spot treat any suspicious spots on my face. Within a couple of weeks the problem spots disappeared. This is truly an amazing product and I am excited to use it on other areas of my body!'

  • Katy D - Tauranga
  • 'At my last skin check, my specialist wanted to freeze off two developing skin cancers from my lip and face. I asked if I could have a try at treating them myself first and revisit at the next check. I have been treating them with the Vitamin C serum and they are nearly gone now. I have also starting using the serum on any dry patches on my skin and they clear up. Also I have nearly got rid of a toe fungus which has been there for two years where other treatments have not worked. It has nearly grown out now.'

  • Sue H - Whangarei, New Zealand
  • 'I have used DHAA on several occasions, I found comparative to regular L-ascorbic acid serums and also separately for internal use DHAA is by far a superior product than the more commercially available vitamin c l ascorbic acid, which has at times a drying effect. All help with collagen but not as well as this product. The fact that this DHAA is even available for consumers is amazing, it is a very difficult product to make and keep stable, the fact this has been made and works is great, as it can expire quickly but this formulation prevents this. It really helps with skin healing, general health and scaring. I have used on some adult acne I got on my back and has helped tremendously. Hopefully this product will become available in shops soon as I don't find other products get the same result. For skin it has great anti aging properties, Just look it up for yourself. This product is absolutely a gem in the rough, there are so many serums but not all are made equal. Also helps with removal of warts in intimate areas!'

  • David P Barraclouigh - Melbourne, Australia
  • 'This product is amazing and I endorse 100%. I have used personally in the past to treat seborrheic keratosis warts on my neck and scars, all of which have completely disappeared over time. My 96 year old mother is currently applying the serum to her lower limbs after suffering from ongoing severe cellulitis. After just one week, the redness and integrity of the skin had improved immensely and she is continuing to use regularly.'

  • Vivienne G, Northland, New Zealand
  • 'I used DHAA when I found a spot that looked like it could get nasty, it was a mole with irregular looking cells around it. It was on the top of my head hiding in my hair. I live at the beach and are in the sun often. I went to the doctor where she identified it was definitely a spot to keep an eye on. I used DHAA and nothing else on it for a month. I went back to the doctor 2 months later to check that I hadn't missed anything, and she struggled to locate the place of the spot on my head and had to say it was gone. She had taken photos with a magnifying glass the first time and had mapped the location of it but failed to find it 2 months later at a check up. I also use DHAA for any cuts or anything I notice of my skin that is not normal. We are currently trying it on vitiligo. I also used it on an older family members legs, there skin was very compromised due to age, due to reduced mobility the family member was often knocking, scraping and rolling back the skin from minor knocks that were causing big injuries. Once seen by a nurse to make sure the wound was clean and dead skin was cut away we used DHAA which healed the cuts and wounds much faster than anything else we had used, and no infections were ever present. We also used DHAA as a daily moisturiser which seemed to plump the skin up that was dry and weak. These are my personal observations of using DHAA.'

  • Kim McNamara - mBIT Coach, Diploma in Psychology, - West Auckland, New Zealand
  • 'We absolutely love DHAA Vitamin C. We use it on cold sores, abrasions, burns - any skin issue that needs a little helping hand. It's works like magic.'

  • Pam Walbran, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 'I have been using DHAA for years now to treat any bacterial/ viral infections from spider bites to cat abscesses. It is a brilliant product and is my go to for anything and so when my throat felt like it had razor blades due to Covid, I gargled a teaspoon of Dhaa and it soothed it immediately. I highly recommend this product especially at this time with COVID-19.'

  • Christine Watling - Auckland, New Zealand
  • 'I used Dhaa while I had covid, it was a great relief and it helped speed up my recovery.'

  • Scott O'Hanlon - Personal Trainer, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 'Being a mechanic, my hands a constantly getting beaten up and cut. Since using this product I've noticed they heal much faster. Any redness goes away within minutes of putting it on, awesome stuff'.

  • George Ruka - Owner Auckland Car Servicing - Auckland, New Zealand
  • 'Dad applied product neat last night to his wife's toenail and ulcerated leg. His comment this morning... 'Bloody amazing'. They have been battling with this for a long time with doctor prescriptions and pharmacy stuff... Never seen any response like this with those.'

  • Candy Warrington, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • 'Surgery for an ingrown toenail went horribly wrong and massive infection set in. After two weeks in hospital, two further surgeries, it wasn't looking much better. I'd lost the entire nail and part of a bone in the toe through the infection. Doctors were adamant the nail would never regrow. After being discharged, and prescribed heavy antibiotics to continue to fight the infection, I soaked my foot in a warm tub of water with a few drops of DHAA serum.
    It was amazing! After just one week, once a day, the infection was completely gone. Even more amazingly, several months later, I even had a toenail again too!'

  • Peggy Prouse - Health Care Assistant - Franklin, New Zealand
  • 'I have used the DHAA solution for just over four years. This product is like magic in a bottle. I have used it on scars, burns, ingrown hair treatment, stings and as an after sun care product to name just a few uses. The DHAA takes the burn out of sunburn and helps to repair the skin. This product is worth having on hand to use on the whole family and can be used for so many purposes, including rashes and skin irritation on pets too.'

  • Acacia Smith, Rodney, Auckland, New Zealand

  • VS Tattoo Aftercare Serum

    VS Tattoo Aftercare is the best aftercare I have used in over 30 years of tattoo artistry. Nothing else on the market compares, I won't recommend anything else.'

  • Mark Barnes - Dark Rituals Tattoos - Waitakere, New Zealand
  • 'I loved using DHAA as tattoo aftercare. It significantly shortened my tattoo healing time and I experienced less itching and flaking than I have with other tattoos where I did not use it for aftercare. Overall I was very impressed with the serum and would highly recommend this product to others.'

  • Steph Burton-Maxted, Franklin, New Zealand